About Us

India is a country with a rich and diversified cultural heritage, a predominant part of which consists of intricate art works and handicrafts. Despite being a culturally united country, the handicraft items of each state differs by a unique sense of charm and ingenuity. However, our artisans and their artworks are not getting the recognition they deserve. CraftsNation therefore has been started as an initiative to promote the immensely talented artisans from across India and to bestow them with a versatile and volatile platform, which would facilitate them to reach out to the people who value the delicacy and exquisiteness of Indian art forms. At CraftsNation our mission is to Unite, Inspire and Promote our artisans and their authentic and affordable Indian handicrafts in a more organized and professional way, which would not only provide our artisans a chance to make a better living, but also our customers to gain access to a world of authentic and rare Indian handicrafts.